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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  January 13, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ wherever we want to go, we just have to start. autosave your way there with chase. chase. make more of what's yours. >>whether you are a member of the 49 er faithful than or now you are no doubt sporting your teens scars seized a busy day unfolding at the 49 official story inside levi's stadium today from 4 drops out talked with fans as they went shopping for the red and gold. >>it to the nfc championship game much less the super bowl assuming the niners get there. a visit to the 40 niners store here levi stadium might be the next best thing. business was
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brisk for a monday afternoon as fans brows racks upon racks of 49 or clothing souvenirs another team gear action jerseys are among the perennial best-sellers with those bearing names like garoppolo sherman and kimmel among the biggest sellers, how about a nice plush 49 ers thrower stocking cap for those chilly nights the scenting and julian rodriguez drove down from openly this afternoon to stock up. >>it we can come to the game we all want to be fitted with some new jersey's forum for the game on sunday. so yeah we're ready to go we know it's looking for jay z's trying to >>i'm getting this. in this area. i'm just getting ready for the weekend. >>one sure describes george kittle as the people's tight end while another coach jimmy garoppolo as having said feels murray baby said one customer who bought one of each it sure does at levi stadium, rob
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fladeboe kron 4 news. >>that's going to check on the weather. >>meteorologist dave spahr standing by with more on the rain coming our way dave an act of love we can turn to weather looks like of all things rain hold off a little bit on sunday which will be good news there but in around that, so yeah and to get this week ahead we're watching about a midweek storm, but again it's kind of still in all the thunder going on live shot coming in from alcatraz island we could see the background the city pretty nice is to have fog issues going on right now, here's the lowdown though mostly cloudy going on tonight scattered showers though that developing say around 1011 o'clock across midday. and what the part most of the bay by tomorrow morning, we'll keep a few early showers still in the mix though in clearing cold temps with that. now wednesday thursday verbal clouds on balance for wednesday itself then the heavy rain by early thursday, another it's very late on wednesday and then through thursday and will be winds associate with all of that too. this is the first of all the rain for tonight here comes developing amid bay as
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we approach around the witching hour behind it there are some light sprinkles still continuing particularly favoring the north bay in the coastal areas even by 07:00am so the morning commute. but couple little sprinkles in which to contend with but generally speaking clearing skies, particularly going on inland areas not a whole lot quantitatively as we can see amount stay under a 10th of an inch of rain up to the north bay that's with a heavier amounts are but this storm doesn't have a lot of a punch with that much of a punch with it. and the later models are becoming more bearish on it winds there is a little bit of a hiccup with the breeze we're getting with this by 1030 you can see little onshore. wind starts to pick up dropping south across the delta. quickly gone tomorrow from a win standpoint an eventful however this new storm system by wednesday and thursday will bring its own winds with it so we'll get to that in terms of the wide perspective here you have it quite juicy isn't some mountain snows expected with that as well the stops at about thursday morning the commute looks to be pretty nasty. behind that a friday
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clearing out into the weekend. saturday we're toying with more rain but sunday's you can see somewhat a break from all of that and by midweek maybe there's another possibility of maybe some more rain entering into the forecast as well highs tomorrow. look for them to be across the bay mid-fifties is a nice average 55 santa rosa 57 meanwhile to morgan hill back to day. the national forces senator bernie sanders told senator elizabeth warren that a woman could not win the presidency joining us now from our newsroom is the host of inside bay area politics catherine heenan she has the latest on this story. catherine yeah, sounds like the non-aggression pact is over does not senator elizabeth warren says that sanders made that statement. >>in a private one on one meeting and december of 2018 senator sanders vehemently denying this he says he absolutely never said it. he is accusing the warren campaign staff of lying about it. but warned says no they
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talked about what would happen if a woman was nominated and she claims sanders disagreed with her. >>when she said she believed a woman could win. this is a very strange she said he said situation for 2 people who have enjoyed a very cordial and mutually beneficial relationship and it could make for a pretty tense situation during tomorrow night's debate in iowa, you know that's going to come up in other campaign news cory booker has ended his campaign for the white house. that's after nearly a year of hard work on the campaign trail that yielded only low digit polling lackluster fundraising and to the surprise of a lot of political observers the new jersey sen, just never managed to electrify a lot of voters with booker's departure and the exits of calm why harris and wholly on castro before him the democratic field has become significantly quieter then it's electorate democratic candidate andrew yang he's one of the people commenting tonight. he's
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calling the move very sad for the latest on the campaign on tomorrow's debate you can watch him side bay area politics. just after 11:00am on the kron on app on saturday and sundays or on kron 4 at 6.30 sunday mornings, pam and canned all right, thank you catherine on the peninsula, today's secretary of state mike pompeo spoke a stanford university. >>focusing his comments on the justification for the a nation of general qassem soleimani of iran. >>there's no terrorist accept osama bin laden who has more american blood on his hands than did cause some so the money that killed more than 600 of our american patriots. i knew some of these young men. he's the mastermind of the most recent attacks against us forces in iraq, including the mastermind of the attack that took place that killed an american on december 27th of the year past. he ordered the december
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31th assault on the embassy, the people that work for the united states department of state in baghdad. and i can assure you that the world safer as a result of the fact that he no longer poses that very risk. >>pompeo went on to outline what he called a bigger strategy assuring that the trump administration and his security advisers are reestablishing deterrence against the islamic republic, he defined deterrent to as simply persuading the other party that the cost of a specific behavior exceeds its benefits. meantime iranian leaders are designating the pentagon, a terrorist organization as tensions between the us and iran increase and this development comes as iran admits its forces shot down that ukrainian passenger plane but blames the us for ramping up aggression whitney wild brings us up to date. >>the lead european aviation agency recommends commercial flights avoid flying above or on a sign they think the situation in the middle east remains volatile after
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ukrainian plane was shot down last wednesday. families of the 176 victims are demanding change for hope as an there will be some preventive. >>the measure put in place so this tragedy will never ever happen to another family ever again over the weekend iranian officials admitted to downing the passenger jet mistaking it for a cruise missile. >>protesters in iran took to the streets and denounce their government's actions join iranian officials who blamed the us for creating a war like atmosphere i was dismayed that their first reaction was to was to blame it is american propaganda or some type of mechanical failure. i think they did the right thing by admitting it now they need to allow the investigators in and take responsibility back in washington secretary of state mike pompeo declined to testify at a hearing on the hill this week focusing on iran, some lawmakers have voiced skepticism that an iranian threat against the united states was imminent. >>i think that it was both a
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lack of transparency as well as the nature of the threat that there consistent information. president donald trump via twitter reiterated his administration made the right decision in washington whitney wild kron 4 news. >>coming up at 6 scammers targeting pg e customers what the utility says you should look out for the for sharing any personal information over the phone plus families who lost loved ones in this terrific southern california boat fire are filing lawsuits. >>they say the owners
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>>there's word tonight that for families whose relatives were among the 34 people killed on that fire aboard the dive boat conception are suing the boat owners. here's images of that deadly fire. the families allege the owners failed to have a roving watch on the boat as required by the coast guard had insufficient fire suppression and inadequate means of escape. attorneys for the family say truth aquatics also filed a limitation of liability act of 1851 shortly after the fire today and attorneys for the family said that was a move by the company to do to use an archaic law to avoid liability. this was a heartless. callous act. >>which inflicted further pain. on these families. this actor. and 6 months, it's a
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file that chose to do it. immediately. lawyering up. without any concern whatsoever. for the people that they've killed. >>the lawsuit claims the boat lacks that night watch a safe exit plan and the location the boat's battery park, a charging stations was not safe. 34 people were killed on the conception dive boat when it caught fire as people slept. overnight in september 2019. >>i'm trevor shirley in washington tax season is almost upon us and the irs has some things it wants you to keep in mind. i
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>>all your money. the official start of tax season is still a few weeks away, but if you want to get a jump on filing the irs says you can do it right now but keep in mind not everyone can get started just yet how washington dc correspondent trevor shirley has the details. >>if you made $69,000 or less in 2019 the irs says you can now get a jump on this year's tax season with the irs is free file program it is safe, it's secure. it's easy and it's freeze jodi reynolds with the irs is the free file program is online now and gives taxpayers the option to start early we work hand in
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hand with 10 partners to provide free options for taxpayers to electronically file as long as they meet certain require a choir months, those partners are listed on the irs free file website. >>officials though say as long as you fall below that $69,000 income threshold one of those 10 filing partners should have a free option that works for you, but they warn don't russian filing early just because you qualify you want to wait to file until you're ready until you have all of your documents and you received everything from your employers are your investment companies filing sooner than later though can also protect you from scams as it gives crooks west time to file a false return using your social security number something else to keep in mind filing ahead of the official start date doesn't mean you'll get your tax refund early the filing season doesn't actually officially open until the 27th. >>so if you free file say this weekend what the software company will do is hold on to return and then transmit it to us immediately reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley.
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>>the genie is seen an uptick in phone scams targeting its customers the utility company says the thieves are calling customers pretending to be pg any threatening to shut off power is a payment is not made the genie's corporate security department has received several reports in the past few weeks regarding scammers requesting payment on past 2 utility bills immediately with a cash card scammers include specific names of customers and in some cases they are guessing on the general dollar amounts that are owned by the customers they also disguising their true phone numbers with a caller id that says pg any pacific gas and electric call the companies have any questions. >>it is and the news the nominees for the 92th academy awards were announced this morning entertainment critic dean richards has a list of the top categories and this year's most nominated pictures. >>one small thing. when you bring me out. >>and she introduced me as joker.
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>>it took the most nominations today 11 in all including best actor for joaquin phoenix that's director cinematography costume design among others 1917 the irishman and once upon a time in hollywood times with 10 apiece then it was little women with 7 nominations for marriage story, joe joe rabbit and parasite each with 6 for best picture the nominees are ford versus ferrari the irishman joe joe rabbit joker little women marriage story 1917 once upon a time in hollywood and parasite. >>in the acting categories for best actress cynthia a revolt in harriet scarlett johannson in marriage story, sure sure ronan in the little women charlie's there on an bombshell and renee zellweger in judy for best actor the nominees are antonio banderas for pain and glory leonardo dicaprio for once upon a time
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in hollywood, adam driver in a marriage story joaquin phoenix for the joker in jonathan pryce for 2 pope's for best supporting actress the nominees are kathy bates in richard jewel laura dern in a marriage story scarlet johansen with her second nomination today for georgia rabbit florence pugh in little women and margot robbie in bombshell and for best supporting actor it's tom hanks in a beautiful day in the neighborhood. anthony hookins for 2 pope's alpa chino and joep as she for the irishman and brad pitt for once upon a time in hollywood. the nominees for best director martin scorsese for the irishman todd philips the joker sam mendez in 1917 quentin tarantino for once upon a time in hollywood and bone joon-ho for parasite and just to show you how the movie world is changing the movie studio that got the most nominations, 24 in all was not
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a conventional movie studio at all it was the online platform netflix the world is going digital. >>also in entertainment news tonight, arianna grande a is returning to the grammy awards following last year's dispute posted on social media that she will be performing at the 62th grammy awards on january 26, you may recall last year she decided not to perform or attend the event after a dispute with the show's producers over which songs she could perform the 26 year-old pop star has been nominated in 5 different categories, including album of the year and best pop vocal album for. thank you next. for sunday for the right to go to the super bowl mark and jason will set you up for bay area sports night by breaking down the big game that's coming out. >>plus dunkin donuts has a new item on the menu and no it's not coffee the california celebrity it's teaming up with us after the break. >>the mouth watering already
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there are storms upstream here big hole in one by the way wednesday night thursday night. we'll
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>>well the biggest force news in our world the certainly the 49 ers yeah we're talking there's all these different big stores stories going on, but who that's right we're going to get right to entire
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episode of bay area sports night is going to be all about. >>the nfc championship game 49 ers packers jason, this is a packers team the niners already played earlier this year completely dismantled green bay. >>also we heard from kyle shanahan today for the first time since the matchup has been said what was heard making take away from shanahan's news conference. and the memory of that game earlier this season out of your mind and start with a clean slate and i agree with and i think the niners probably a better team on paper but don't expect their rogers to fumble in his basically in his own end zone. don't expect. the packers to not move the ball at all expect them to put up more of a fight this is a a packers team. >>that has played what 17 game now almost 3 times. they're they're really good now if the niners stick to game plan to do what they have to do i think they'll come out on the right side of it but do not take this team was aaron rodgers, playing with house
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money is a dangerous thing and that's what he's going to be playing with this weekend get looking spread of 7.5 spread know is a chance that kyle shanahan's site is different examples of how the nfl you have to discount what happened in the first time you played a team so 49 ers packers happening this sunday nfc championship a trip to the super bowl on the line break it all down also revisiting what happened this past weekend in the divisional round against the vikings checking of the niners area sports night 7 o'clock on the kron on her. >>see they're going to ban all right, thanks guys. >>well rapper snoop dogg has a new duncan sandwich for one week the chain is selling the be on deal double g sandwiches a beyond sausage, patty with egg and cheese served on a slice glazed donut okay, y'all don't confront as it was inspired by the raptors passion for plant based protein and love of la's donuts snow started partnering with duncan last year to promote is plant based protein
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items, the company ceo says beyond meat has been a hit for duncan since it launched in november, safe. >>that should and you know that's has the separate there anyway that's a live shot was going on the sutro camera let's get right to this real quickly to run through. this are rain showers we're expecting at around the witching hour shortly there afterwards, they'll continue want some light rain showers up to the north bay but for the most part that remain out to sea, there will be some little breezy conditions you can expect for tonight but for the most part waiting for the storm right thank you dave, thank you for being with us tonight we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock
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done deal? >> the queen agrees to let meghan and harry start new lives in north america. and the hot mic harry moment, what he told the head of disney. >> this is a very embarrassing moment. >> and what princess diana's butler is saying about megxit. then let me in. the creeps who tried to lure this kid into their car. he defended himself with rocks. >> get away. and it's an epidemic. >> school shooting sprees that take


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